Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

AC Faculty of Computer Engineering and
Automatic Control

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The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering prepares engineers in the IT field by means of the bachelor study programms (Automatic Control and Applied Informatics, Computer Science and Information Technology), master degrees and PhD degree within the ranking domain Systems Engineering, Computers and Information Technology, classified in the A category of the most performing programs. The success rate of the graduates within the employment process, after finishing the studies, is very high, they being appreciated by important companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Continental, Endava or Delphi.

In the three research centers, one of them of being an excellence center, a special accent is set on the scientific research carried out in modern laboratories for systems theory, microcontrollers, instrumentation and signal processing, high performance calculus, process control, robotics, CIM and artificial intelligence.

The co-operation with world similar institutions concerns the elaboration of joint study programms, the development of research projects, mobility for the teaching staff and students, activities meant to make curricula compatible. The Faculty participates in actions carried out within European programs SOCRATES- ERASMUS and provides the equivalence of the results obtained by students in partner faculties.

Prof. PhD. eng. Corneliu Lazar
        Dean of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering


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