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Visa information

Travel advice provided the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is here.
General information regarding the conditions of entry on the territory of Romania can be found here.
Information on visa regime in Romania is available here.

Check here the list of countries whose nationals, owners of simple passports, are exempt from the requirement of a Romanian visa.
Check here the list of countries whose nationals, holders of simple travel documents, must be in possession of a visa upon entry in the Romanian territory.

In case that you need a visa to enter Romania as an author or co-author, an official letter of acceptance that confirms that your paper has been accepted and reaffirms the expectation that you will attend the ICSTCC 2014 is available for download from PaperCept.

Official letter of acceptance

The procedure for obtaining your acceptance letter is as follows:

  1. Go to PaperCept.
  2. Login using your PIN and Password.
  3. In the Access a Workspace (next to ICSTCC 2014) choose:
           Enter Author or Proposer of Submission # (your paper #).
  4. Then, Choose an Option, and click on Request an Acceptance Letter.
  5. Fill out the necessary Information.
  6. Download the pdf file of your Acceptance Letter.

Note that such a letter does NOT cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs incurred by conference attendance.


Updated: July 3, 2014